Customer experience is the single most
exciting opportunity for 2014

This year, for the first time in our annual digital trends briefing, we asked both client-side and supply-side respondents to identify the ‘single most exciting opportunity for 2014’, with the results shown in Figure 1 below. Looking at the client-side data with the darker blue shading, customer experience (CX) is most commonly selected as the foremost opportunity, narrowly ahead of mobile in second place.

If last year was about recognizing the importance of customer experience, 2014 is about actually doing something. For an optimal customer experience, various business functions and customer-facing touch points need to be working in harmony, from customer service and advertising to online user experience, content management and email messaging. All of the other areas covered as options in the chart below are themselves key building blocks for a great customer experience.

Organizations need to ensure they have the right data, technology and culture to act as the foundation for a great customer experience, with a focus on multichannel marketing and campaign management also required to underpin a successful approach. Section 7 explores some of the skills-related challenges companies are facing, while Section 8 looks at multichannel.

Something which is self-apparent but worth noting is that many marketers regard CX as a positive opportunity to make a difference, something which is ‘exciting’ as well as a complex challenge which can be fiendishly difficult to get right.

Figure 1: Which one area is the single most exciting opportunity for your organization (or for your client) in 2014?