Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

More than just keywords...


When indexing the websites that will appear, search engines have a specific formula they use to determine the order of results. Many factors influence the search engine rankings, including the length of time your domain name has been active, the quantity and quality of your content, interlinking within your site and between others, and the utilization of effective keywords. No matter if you already have a website or you need to build a site from the ground up, ROI Web Dr has the skills and tools to help you get discovered online.

Our “white-hat” tactics have proven extremely successful and each of our clients have benefited from playing by the guidelines set forth by major search engines. At ROI Web Dr, we completely avoid “black-hat” strategies and in no way utilize methods that may endanger the credibility and success of your site.

Be Found!

Our SEO strategies at ROI Web Dr can help you improve your website’s rankings locally and even globally. Whether you are targeting your surrounding community or clients worldwide, we can utilize specific keywords and locations to drastically increase the chance that prospective customers will find you on leading search engines.


What Is SEO?

SEO is the strategic approach to increasing the visibility of your website in search engine results by means of “natural” placement.

    SEO does not have a one size fits all option. Be very cautious of anyone offering SEO packages like those above. It’s not the set price or SEO package thats the problem, its a set price for an amount of Keywords. Every Keyword has a unique amount of competition as is evident by every Keyword returning different results. So anyone claiming that they can get x amour of Keywords to the top of Google for x amount of money, without reverse engineering the competitiveness of each Keyword is simply a charlatan. At ROI we have our entry level plan at $1,000 Ex GST a month, but we can’t tell you the amount of Keywords that we can target without first looking into your niche and analysing the competition.

Our process is this; We conduct an audit of your website and niche to determine if our SEO services will be of benefit to you. We will then provide you with a report and SEO proposal. This is all done free of charge. If you decide to engage us we will implement all of our SEO techniques and you can watch your rankings, customers and conversions skyrocket.