Effective Profile and page creation and use

Your profile page is often the first contact you’ll have with your customers. You want to impress them from the get-go.

When your profile page is incomplete, confusing or just plain boring, you risk turning away a potential customer. Even worse, you’ll have a potential customer who would like to contact you but doesn’t have the info she needs to do it. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, your shop front does a lot to get people in the door. You should think of your profile in the same way.

5 quick tips to perfect your profile

1.State who you are and what you do.

  • Get to the point and make it about the customer.

  • Grab your audience’s attention from the beginning with something that matters to them. Even though you’re writing about your business, make it about your customers.

  • Instead of, “We make flower arrangements,” write, “Beautiful flowers to make your life’s special occasions even more memorable.”

  • Instead of, “Expert dental services,” say, “We take care of all your dental concerns.”

2.Always include your website and contact info.

Always include your website and contact info.

  1. Your profile page can act as a great source of referrals. Don’t miss this super simple opportunity to get a new customer. Make sure you have a prominent website link and contact information.

3.Write with the feel of your audience.

Each social media platform has a different audience. A Facebook “About” section can be a bit more fun and conversational compared to a more buttoned-up LinkedIn® bio.

Check out how your competitors differentiate their bios across the different social media channels and emulate the tone for your industry.

4. Use your brand everywhere with continuity.

When you do have multiple social media platforms, your account names and overall look and feel should be consistent. If someone follows you on Facebook and tries to find you on Instagram, consistent names and images will increase your chances of being found and help you build your brand

5. Don’t let your profile get out of date.

Profile pages should be updated regularly to ensure your audience sees the most accurate content. Review your profile periodically to see that your messaging still feels current and to make sure none of your contact info or the specifics of your business have changed.